Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer group classes?

Currently, no. This is one step we are taking to keeping dogs safer from viruses this time of year.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes! We provide in-home lessons and public distraction lessons. These are always 1:1 to ensure your pup is the #1 focus!

What breeds do you work with?

We don't discriminate! All sizes and breeds of dog are treated as individuals. Our trainers have a little soft spot for doodles and the good ole Southern Mutts!

Do you offer different kinds of training lessons?

Our trainers do a lot of obedience work in our lessons packages but we also have lesson plans that are designed to help build confidence, obtain healthy exposure and socialization as well as Handler Lessons for owners that need more guidance than their pooch.

Is my dog too old/too young for training?

We have training options that start at home when pups are as young as 10 weeks old. As for aging out, it is truly a case by case basis. We provide free consultations to assess a dogs starting point and provide their owners with expectations before we get started

Are you programs customizable?

Yes! This is something that was very important to us when creating a Customizable Bootcamp and Customizable Home School Training Program. Every dog is different and it's so important that they are seen and treated as individuals. We can customize the program to match your pups learning pace, their activity requirements, language of commands and so on.

What do the training bootcamps look like?

I LOVE this question! Our Homestyle Bootcamp is probably our most popular program. We don't have a kennel or a facility, so the dogs stay with us in our home and we treat them as if they're ours while they're with us. We 'll do different excursions with your pup and focus on 8 core commands. Our trainers provide a pick up and drop off service for the Southern NH region. We keep in contact through photos and text throughout the training time, we even show you what exactly they've learned at the end of the program. Since this is a custom program, we love for you to give us a call to set up a free consultation!

How do I schedule with you?

Reach out to one of our trainers by phone or by email here to get started: 603-325-4545 and