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Jenna is an amazing Trainer my service dog did her 2 week board and train and he came back a completely different dog. The time she spent making sure he has an amazing foundation for being a service dog I couldn't have asked for better. I love the face she treats each dog like they are her personal dog they don't sleep in a kennel they sleep in a crate in her home she also sent me updates every day and gave me the tools to keep it going. I would recommend Jenna and her company to anyone who is looking for quality training and amazing treatment

Heather Boule

Couldn't recommend Jenna enough! She was so good with my dog it's like a completely different one I can't get over how she's so well behaved. Walking her now is a dream she walks with me instead of pulling me down the street every chance she gets, I could honestly cry. She would never listen to me unless told multiple times, now I tell her once and she listens. I loved getting all the updates about how well she was doing and couldn't believe it! Will definitely use her again when we get another dog!

Angelica Renee Silva Eurto

I sent anya to the three week bootcamp and overall the experience was great. Jenna was super responsive, kept me updated and answered any questions i had. Anya's been home for almost a week and is doing awesome. She can be off leash around our cats and rabbits without trying to eat them I 100% plan to continue working with Jenna and would recommend her to anyone looking to better their dogs obedience and behaviors!

Maddie Priestley

We absolutely LOVE them! Between spending and correcting our pups behaviors. As a family we now know how to control our pup. Our love and wants to have him around and bring him every place is crazy! Our pup is definitely part of the family and we owe it to these guys!!!! Ty again

Amanda Drew

I sent my two dogs to this trainer and I cant say enough about their training skills. I have met MANY trainers in my day but the one thing that stands out to me about them is most trainers love dogs... but their love for dogs shows in all the work they do. The check up text messages, the look of love on their faces, they truly love dogs and because of that love your dogs will be in GREAT care while with these trainers. They love deeply!

Lina Marie

I literally cannot say enough amazing things about Jenna and this company. When we first got Sophie she had no leash walking skills, no recall and definitely no impulse control. Jenna is extremely patient, kind, knowledgeable, compassionate and generous (and that's only scratching the surface). Her ability to communicate and empathize with the dogs she trains is an absolute gift. If you have a pup, young or old, rescued or bred, friendly or agressive, Jenna has the knowledge and ability to train and communicate with them. She is incredible and patient with even the most aggressive dogs.

Justess Callahan

My daughter sent her two very large dogs niko and maya to Jenna for training. Before training I wouldn't be able to go to my daughters house because I'm old and they would knock me down. They would jump on me and sometimes run right in to me. Now when I walk in my daughters house the dogs lay on their bed and only come to get pets when my daughter says they can! I highly recommend this training for all dogs! I actually like the dogs now!

Diane Demers

Jenna has had a single session with me and my pup and it's been tremendously helpful for my dog and especially helpful for me and how I approach working with her. Cannot recommend enough.

Kaylee Kach

I have two American bulldogs that I absolutely adore but they were completely unruly! I heard of Jenna and I contacted her... I was a little hesitant because after all they are my babies LOL. My dogs jumped all over people to the point one of my friends left my house with bruises!! It was bad. They pulled unmercifully on the leash and my females dog aggression was unmanageable. My male did not know how to play with my female at times when his energy needed to be released! Jenna told me she would send me updates and she sure did!! The day came when my puppies came home and they literally jumped out of the back of her car with no leash!!! They came right into the house with no jumping! Jenna trained my husband and I on how to have my dogs live healthier lives! I could not be happier! Best money I ever spent! Now my pups walk right by my side. If I didnt live in Massachusetts with a leash law I am confident they would be able to walk right with me. We take them to the park to run around regardless of other dogs or people at the park and they listen to us telling them to come and they always obey our commands! I have dogs I can literally take anywhere now! Highly recommend this training!

Anne Robinson

I adopted my Bubba when he was 2 years old. He didn't have any leash manners and he barked a lot at people and other dogs when we would go for walks. I tried other training places, but we never had much luck with his behavior. His barking and pulling was getting out of control, to the point he was up on just his hind legs pulling as hard as he could. Even though he's only 16 lbs or so, the pulling was very stressful on my shoulders.
My initial phone call with Tigers Eye K9 was with Jenna and we right away felt reassured by her confidence and knowledge.
We ended up deciding on doing the 4 weeks of lessons with Jenna and Giacomo and we could see the difference in bubba almost immediately!
He walks like a dream now and I feel so much better in my own ability to communicate with him. I learned that there were many things I was doing that was confusing for Bubba. Our trainers helped us create a healthier relationship with our boy. This was truly like learning a new language and I could not be more grateful! I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to tame the beast in their fur baby!
Thank you so much Jenna and Giacomo!!

Melanie Fletcher

Thankful for Jenna working with our Pup Bullet on her off leash skills! We can now confidentiality take her on hikes, walks on the beach, and other adventures!

Annie Ovalle

As we celebrate our pup, Jack's, 2nd birthday, I am reminded of how grateful we are to Giacomo and Jenna.
Two years ago, we met Giacomo as we were about to give up on our puppy, Phoenix. She was the most misbehaved puppy we have ever had. We had gotten kicked out of puppy Kindergarten because she tore a hole in my pants and my husband's shirt within the first 15 mins of class, then we utilized a behavior specialist until we sent her off to train with Giacomo for 2-week board and train. He happily took on the challenge of training our stubborn, 90 pound, 5 month old puppy. Phoenix came back a well-mannered, happy puppy that we could not imagine our lives without her.
Nine months later we began looking for a companion for Phoenix because we knew she would thrive even more having another pup around. That is when Jack became a part of our family. He is the sweetest, rambunctious, "lap dog" and perfect match to our Phoenix.
We cannot thank Giacomo and Jenna enough for all that they have done for us with both Phoenix and Jack. They were so patient when we asked a million questions or called up in a panic because we needed a reminder of how to approach certain situations with Phoenix. They helped us with the important introductions of Phoenix and Jack and transitioning Jack into our family. You can tell they have a love for animals and treat the pets they train as if they are a part of their family.
Thank you again Giacomo & Jenna!

Ami Beauregard

We are so pleased with the amazing work Jenna has done with the 3 year old Chi mix, Freckles, we recently adopted. Freckles struggled with fear reactivity. She would bark/growl/whine/lunge when encountering people and other dogs. As if that weren't stressful enough, she pulled continuously when on a leash, making walks very unpleasant, even in the absence of other people and animals! Freckles was born at the start of COVID, and Jenna explained that it was likely she was not initially socialized around people and animals the way most dogs normally were. Having missed that crucial development, Jenna guided us in gaining Freckles' trust through exercises like the engage/disengage game. Using reinforcement strategies, Freckles learned to ignore and tolerate strangers we encountered. Freckles' fear response to other dogs has also decreased, and we continue to make progress every day. Jenna also taught us how to have Freckles walk right next to us on a leash without pulling. It's a pleasure walking her now! We feel very fortunate and grateful to Jenna for these positive changes in Freckles. Best of all, Freckles seems much more comfortable and confident since Jenna began her training. As soon as we reach for her "in training" vest, she gets super excited and heads immediately for the car!

Kathy Brill

Very happy with my decision to send my dog to Jenna's two week boot camp. She helped with e collar training and showing me basic commands that can be used with my pup. It's amazing what she can teach our dogs in just two short weeks - he's like a different puppy!

Jackie Phan

Jenna and crew were amazing. I sent my boy Gunner (2yo)for the two week boot camp and expectations for what I was looking for were met.
I couldn't walk Gunner or take him anywhere because of puppy excitement and pulling.
When Gunner came back to me I was excited to find he was a changed dog.
I wanted to be able to take him for walks and to public places and offleash.
From the first walk he never and still has never pulled. I take him for walks and to a couple of stores and no pulling, stays at my side.
I was nervous about the recall command if off leash but Jenna came down and walked through a few things with us and so far at a lake his recall has been really good off leash.
Gunner and I can now enjoy the fun and freedom we deserve.
It will require basic reinforcement of commands but they have been easy and minimal because of his training.
I highly recommend Tigers Eye if these are some issues you have with your best friend and things you'd like to do.
Still trying new areas and experiences.
Gunner and I thank you Jenna.

Michael Grondine

By sending our dog with Jenna to Tiger's Eye we made an GREAT investment in our dog. We put our trust in Jenna to help our territorial and stubborn, 6 year old chocolate lab. He went for boot camp and returned to us with a big jump start on better behavior, and a training plan that was logical and very clear. Jenna took the time to explain and demonstrate various components of the plan, especially how to walk our dog which was a nightmare pre-Jenna. He pulled continually, reacted strongly to cars, people, etc by pulling, barking, and even lunging. Since Seamus returned 1 week ago I've successfully walked him multiple times, following Jenna's plan. The change is profound. It is like walking a new dog. I could go on about other crucial parts of the training but what matters is that we have a plan. Each of our issues(we had a list) with our dog, was met with a plan from Jenna. Everything has been very successful and we couldn't be more pleased. Our investment with Jenna at Tiger's Eye was well worth it to say the least. We are so grateful. :)

Marguerite Hopey

My only regret is not using Tiger's Eye K9 services sooner! My 4 year old Frenchie is as sweet as can be but couldn't be off leash due to him running off and only coming back on his terms. He also pulled while being on leash so it really sucked not being able to take him places for fear of him taking off & not being able to handle being on leash. He completed the 2 week bootcamp with Tigers Eye K9 Services. Let me tell you that everyone who knows my dog was skeptical- "how can a 4 year old dog be trained?" Etc etc etc. Giacomo was 100% confident that my dog would come back the same sweet dog but with all new manners, the ability to be off leash and the ability to walk without pulling & tugging. Now two weeks later, Giacomo was right. We are STILL in shock that this is our dog! This 2 week bootcamp was the best thing we ever did for him & us! It has been so nice enjoying outside as a family with our dog off leash, letting him out to go to the bathroom without needing to put him on a leash, having him listen to every command! It is quite literally a miracle and we have not stopped recommending Tigers Eye to everyone.

Rachel Putney

We have a 3 year old Bernedoodle and we left him with Jenna for the 2 week boot camp and boarding, and we could not be happier. Our Buggy is a very well behaved dog but we struggled with recall, leash pulling, and commands. When he came back we were so impressed with him and how well he listened and how focused he was. He is no longer leash pulling and distracted while walking, his recall has improved, and he is listening to us great.
Jenna was such a great person to work with and we were very impressed with how well she explained and handled everything. We could tell buggy was in caring hands the whole time. We would highly recommend working with Jenna!

Deepa Modi

I signed up for a two week board and train with my 4 year old golden retriever and I could not be happier with the results! Jenna and her husband were extremely accommodating and communicative while Theo was in their care, and the results are incredible. Theo is a different dog in the best way possible. He learned so much in the short amount of time he was away, and is more confident than he's ever been. He went from being virtually un-walkable on a leash to loose leash walking. He places on command and can hold it in the midst of distractions. His recall is SO much better and I trust him to listen to me. I am SO excited to continue what they started and I no longer feel overwhelmed at the thought of training Theo. The laid a solid foundation for him and I can't wait to keep building on it. Thank you so much Tigers Eye!

Niki Thomas

We boarded our dog, Barrett with Giacomo for the two week boot camp and I only have good things to say about the experience. Barrett struggled with socialization, manners, leash training, and listening before we decided to get him trained. While Barrett was away we received countless pictures, videos, and feedback regarding his progress. He was happy while away and came back an angel. We are now able to trust a more confident dog out in public, off-leash. No more tugging and a very good listener! Upon returning Barrett, Giacomo walked us through all of Barrett's new skills and training techniques. We are now able to communicate with a happier, well behaved dog. This experience was life changing to say the least!

Adam Couch